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Kereon's commitment for supporting life science grid computing projects

2020-05-14: OpenPandemics Covid-19 project launch !

Kereon's activities are mainly focused on the life science and healthcare sectors. Provided support and efforts are directly related to the protection of the patient's health. There are multiple ways to achieve this important as well as humanistic objective.

Supporting actively research projects by participating as volunteer to grid computing project is one of the ways selected by Kereon AG, additionally to its usual business activities.

Yves Samson, Kereon's founder, supports since many years AFM (Association Française contre les Myopathies) activities. In 2001, he participated already to the first Décrypthon grid computing project. When the new Décrypthon – Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy (HCMD) – has been started at the end of 2006, Yves decided to engage again himself and its company as well.

The name KerSamson - combination of the names Kereon and Samson - represents this double engagement.

In early 2007, KerSamson joined the Décrypthon Team on the World Community Grid (WCG). At the end of the Phase 1 of the Décrypthon grid computing project (HCMD), it was clear that this support could not be simply stopped because many life sciences research projects need so huge computation resources.

On 2009-05-12, the Phase 2 of the project Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy has been released. With near of 100'000'000 results, computed by the World Community, the Phase 2 has been completed until March 2012.

You can join the Décrypthon Team on World Community Grid (WCG).

Supported projects

At this time, Kereon's (KerSamson's) computers have already supported or is still supporting the following projects:

  • OpenPandemics Covid-19 (OPN1)
  • Africa Rainfall Project (APR1)
  • Microbiome Immunity Project (MIP1)
  • Smash Childhood Cancer (SCC1)
  • OpenZika (ZIKA)
  • Help Stop Tuberculosis (HSTB)
  • Outsmart Ebola Together (OET1)
  • Influenza Antiviral Drug Search (IADS)
  • Uncovering Genome Mysteries (UGM1)
  • Mapping Cancer Markers (MCM1)
  • Help Conquer Cancer (HCC)
  • Help Fight Childhood Cancer (HFCC)
  • The Clean Energy Project (CEP)
  • The Clean Energy Project - Phase 2 (CEP2)
  • Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy (HCMD1)
  • Help Cure Muscular Dystrophy - Phase 2 (HCMD2)
  • Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together (DDDT)
  • Discovering Dengue Drugs - Together - Phase 2 (DDDT2)
  • FightAIDS@Home (FA@H)
  • FightAIDS@Home - Phase 2 (FAH2)
  • Say No to Schistosoma (SNTS)
  • GO Fight Against Malaria (GFAM)
  • Genome Comparison (GC)
  • Human Proteome Folding - Phase 2 (HPF2)
  • Drug Search for Leishmaniasis (DSFL)
  • Computing for Sustainable Water (C4SW)
  • Computing for Clean Water (C4CW)
  • Nutritious Rice for the World (NR4W)
  • AfricanClimate@Home (AC@H)
  • Beta Testing

  • Kereon's (KerSamson's) progress report

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    Kereon's (KerSamson's) contribution

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    Décrypthon Team's progress report

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