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Kereon: More than a name, a vision !
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From Kéréon to Kereon !

When creating a business, you have to find a name!

For Kereon AG, it is not just the choice of a name, it is especially the choice of a leitmotiv.

Through the experience, consulting is perceived with more or less happiness.

Topics concerning regulatory compliance, computerized respectively automated system validation as well as the management of software quality and IT infrastructures cannot be reduced to the binary vision "everything-or-nothing"!

An approach cannot be reduced to a simple "Right/False" judgement.

By defining quality management strategy as well as by achieving regulatory compliance, not only established standards require to be considered. Indeed the specific culture of each business, of each organization should be taken into account and be leveraged as well.

For this reason Kereon AG wants to be a significant and reliable "seamark" for its customers who would like to meet regulatory requirements and to comply with quality standard in the same way than a lighthouse at sea is a significant seamark for the sailor setting its road.

Under no circumstances, the lighthouse keeper pilots the ship at sea!

In the same way, Kereon AG neither dictates "cut-and-dried" strategies to its customers nor forces strategies which its customers have to follow.

Thanks to its expertise and to various experiences gained over many years, Kereon AG wants itself to be a guide for its customers in order to help them in their search for adequate solutions based on their requirements and constraints.

It is in this accompaniment that the advisory and support function takes its full dimension.

The Lighthouse Kéréon

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48° 26' 30" North
05° 01' 46" West

This is the position of the lighthouse Kéréon situated in Iroise Sea (West French Brittany).

South-east of the Isle of Ushant (Ouessant) and north-west of the Isle of Molène, in the passageway of Fromveur (which is also a current of about 8 knots), Kéréon is built on the pitfall of Men Tensel, Breton for "spiteful stone".
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Three occulting lights, two long flashes - one short flash every 24 seconds, with red and white sectors.
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Luminous range: 17 miles (white) / 7 miles (red sector)
Geographical range: 15 to 18 miles

The lantern is located 40.90 meters above ground, that is 37.65 meters above the highest seas (coefficient 120). The overall height of the Lighthouse is 47.25 meters.


Image not found.The construction was started in 1907 in extreme conditions. Thanks to a donation of Mrs. Jules Le Baudry, a descendant of the French Royal Navy midshipman, Charles-Marie Le Dall de Kéréon, dead guillotined at the age of 19 in 1774 during the French revolution.

It is only on October 25th, 1916, after 9 years of a perilous work, that the fire of Kéréon has been started. Equipped with a fuel fire until July 1972, it is now modernised and electrified thanks to a windmill installed above its lantern.

The legend of Kéréon, called the "Palace" by the lightkeepers, are its woodworks: panels in Hungarian oak in the hall, the kitchen and the two lightkeeper bedrooms and on the floor of the honour room appears a big inlaid wind rose made with mahogany and ebony wood.
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Kéréon was the last lighthouse monument erected at sea and it is considered to be one of the most beautiful lighthouses of France.

2004-01-29: The Goodbye

Image not found. Last guarded lighthouse at sea, after having served as a lighthouse-school for long years, it is on January 29th, 2004 that Brian O'Rourke and Jean-Philippe Rocher, the last lighthouse keepers had to leave the lighthouse Kéréon reluctantly. Being of a difficult access, the rotation were often acrobatic. However, in eighty-eight years, no drama happened.

The Lighthouse is now remotely monitored and controlled from the control centre of the Lighthouses and Beacons Administration located in the lighthouse of Creac'h on the Isle of Ushant.
This departure has deeply marked the Bretons and many marines and maritime heritage advocates.

Without humans, these lights have no soul!

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Acknowledgement: Musée des Phares et Balises (Ouessant) for the review of the Lighthouse characteristics.

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