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Since its set-up, Kereon AG participates actively to ISPE and GAMP activities.

  • Active work in various working groups (SIG - Special Interest Group)
  • Member of Affiliate Board of ISPE France, and participating to the preparation of affiliate's events organized by ISPE France and GAMP Francophone
  • Steering committee member of GAMP Europe and GAMP Francophone

World Community Grid - Décrypthon project

Initially, Kereon AG started in January 2007 to support the Décrypthon. Afterwards, when the first phase of the HCMD project was completed, Kereon AG maintained its volunteering support to grid computing projects.

Kereon's participation is focused on life science (medical and biosciences research) projects and on projects regarding the environmental protection. This support is provided over the World Community Grid (WCG) platforme.
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